We automatically review complex legal documents containing defined terms ("Defined Terms") and highlight them in intuitive colors to (i) identify instances of Defined Terms that are not used in the document; (ii) identify instances of Capitalized terms that are not defined and are not generally known in the legal community; and (iii) optionally notify the user of any of the lower-cased terms that may need to be Capitalized since a Defined Term for the same phrase exists.

Typically, traditional processes required an attorney to review the document carefully with pen and paper in hand to take note of defined terms usage, which took about 2-3 hours to ferret out any errors. Most law firms perform these checks once or twice in a transaction cycle, but such checks are often neglected near the end of the transaction due to other pressing needs, which is unfortunate because that is when they are the most critical. As a result, we almost always find defined term related errors in commercial agreements when we perform the checks (about 12-14 on average, of varying degrees of materiality).

Using our app, the error detection process becomes much more streamlined and efficient. In about 2 minutes, the app produces a work product that is immediately useful and actionable for attorneys or paralegals to find and fix the errors. Our mission is to educate the legal community that a systematic problem exists in the quality of contracts and that 'being careful' when drafting is not enough. There must be an efficient and systematic quality assurance process in place to ensure high quality of the documents. It is our hope that due to increased efficiency and convenience, more error detection procedures will be performed in a transaction cycle, thereby increasing the quality of legal documents produced by our clients and ultimately, our profession.

Law firms must meet stringent security criteria to meet both their client's and internal confidentiality and cyber-security related obligations. Under those circumstances, it makes sense to enter into a licensing arrangement with us to host our definitions check engine in-house to be served on our client's servers so that the service can be made available directly to its knowledge workers via intranet or otherwise.

DefCheck Corporate Edition is an enterprise-class Java application, utilizing Java SE 8 and PostgreSQL 9.3+ as the database. Recommended specifications for the server are: CPU: 4+ cores; RAM: 4GB; HD: 25GB. Both Windows and Linux platforms are supported. If you are interested in the Corporate Edition, please contact us at sales@defcheck.com.