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We analyze complex legal documents to detect errors relating to defined terms usage

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We quickly review complex legal documents containing defined terms ("Defined Terms") to:

  • identify Defined Terms that are not used in the document;
  • detect Capitalized terms that are not defined in the document; and
  • recommend any lower-cased terms that may need to be Capitalized.

I have found DefCheck to be a quick and efficient way to solve a tedious, but necessary, part of being a transactional attorney. DefCheck provides great value when compared to its competitors, and the development team is quick to follow up with questions you may have. I would highly recommend utilizing DefCheck as part of your standard course of practice when drafting larger documents.

Dustin Van Deman,
Attorney at Munsch Hardt Kopf & Harr, PC

Blazing Fast!

A manual defined terms check of a 100-page document could take two hours or more. Using our latest technology, this is shortened to mere minutes.

Thorough Analysis

We provide a thorough analysis of the findings so that drafters of contract can quickly focus on what to do with the busts we have identified.

Secure Processing

We analyze the document without permanently saving the document onto our servers so there is minimal risk related to unauthorized access. will save hours of your time!

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